Meijer Dietitian

Kristen Johnson, Meijer Dietitian and Healthy Living Advisor
involved i’m guessing maybe — >> really we want to make it simple for parents because kids are going back to school. we really want to focus on easy solutions. meijer makes it really easy. first we’ll start with making it healthy. >> okay. >> we want to make it healthy for kids and use three of the five core foods. your low-fat dairy, lean protein, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. just including three of those in the meal. also, we have a nutritional value scoring at meijer. it’s called new-val. >> i don’t think i’m familiar with that. is it really new? >> about a year old. >> even knows about it but me. >> we don’t have to go there. we don’t have to solve a math problem. it’s a nutritional value scoring from 1 to 100. the higher the score, the better the food. it’s on all the tags and it makes it easier for shoppers. >> for example, cucumbers. >> cucumbers will be in the 90s. pr



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