Medical Breakthrough: Caramel Coloring Dangers

Possible dangers in the sodas you drink. The FDA has some serious concerns about dark colored sodas.
medical breakthrough report… robin is here now with a look at possible dangers in the sodas a lot of you drink. jim…the center for science in the public interest has a new target. this time they’re asking the food and drug administration to step in to ban a chemical found in a lot of sodas. they say it could cause cancer- even death. we’re talking about caramel coloring the stuff that gives things like coke, pepsi, doctor pepper that dark color we’re used to. nat pop top for many of us, a daily drink of cola is pretty common.. nat fizz but the center for science in the public interest- has some serious concerns over dark colored sodas and is now is asking the f-d-a to ban certain “caramel coloring” “the government conducted studies several years ago showing contaminants in the caramel coloring that caused c laboratory animals.” we’re not talking about this kind of caramel – “as you c



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