Meatheads Camburgers

Dinner and a Movie with General Manager Jason Huff of Meatheads Burgers.
>> well our grill is heating up for a one of a kind burger. not only tastes great. but it’s going to help pay it forward in our community. joining us for dinner and movie for a day, jason hop, movie and a dinner here in town. welcome back. >> hi. >> let’s talk a little bit about this cam burger, who inspired it? >> ken meredith from the chicago bears. he is new to the team and actually got an injury this year already. but we’re going to be, you know, following his recovery and show his determination and hard work. meat heads. that’s kind of our thing, muscles and hard work. we like to celebrate it. we had a video on facebook about his rise to the nfl. and his promise to his mother and trying to make it into the big time. and then we partnered with him over this burger because of social works. have you ever heard of social works? >> i have not. >> do you know who chance the rapper is? >>



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