Meatheads Burgers Dinner And A Movie

General Manager Jason Huff shares how you can dine and pay it forward to nonprofits in the community.
ryan was in decaydor and now here with meat head. jason is hanging out with us here. general manager over there. let’s remind ryan what we whipped up here. >> they are not hamburgers. they are cam burgers >> bacon, eggs, barbeque, pineapple, jalapeno. >> it’s a sweet and savory burger. >> and every burger sold, 20% is donated. >> by chance the rapper. >> chance the rapper. i keep seeing those commercials in my head. i’m sorry. >>> so talk to me about delivery. that’s something new. >> right. literally just go to the website at eaststreet.com or to the app and download that and just place your order. and my entire menu is on there. there is a lot of substitutions. anybo anything you can do in the store you can do on the app. >> do you have gluten free options. >> i would like to give a shout out. this salad looks so good and fresh. sometimes with more fast casual food, it can be hard to f



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