Meals, Memories, And Messages

Medium Patti Sinclair cooks a meal that was a favorite for a fallen soldier in Iraq.
memories passed down from generation to generation. for patti sinclair those recipes can be keys from messages from loved ones who passed. meals, memories and messages, ladies, welcome back to you show. good to have you. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you as wel. today, meals, memories and messages, d today is more interesting than some days i know, because today we’re making a meal that was a favorite. >> yes. >> of a young man that lost his life in the line of duty in afghanistan, sergeant ben gillman. and his mother was a skeptic when she came to you. >> she came to me for a private reading and we have become close friends since then. >> what is it, is it people looking to connect, for healing? >> we used to be caterers ful-time. we always get these messages of the recipes that people leave behind. when you are having a reading, a medium wil give you certain things that make



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