Meals For A Steal

Japanese Cuisine: Wagyu tenderloin with Jalapeno Salsa. (Asia Confidential)
know. that brings us to our friday segment where we but like to bring new ways to save on meals without compromising your taste buds. wagyu tenderloin with jalapeno salsa. it sounds like a little bit on the premium side, but doing it at home saves you a lot. >> when you think of japanese or modern japanese cuisine, it is associated with cash, lots and lots of fish. sometimes, you want to have a good piece of steak. who better to teach us how to make a special piece of state. we have ourselves a very juicy piece. >> it is a tenderloin, very soft. the cracks is it true that cows are treated — >> is it true that the cows are treated very well? >> it is very slowly, slowly. not much exercise. >> lazy, fat, happy cows? >> exactly. >> this is a rock salt? >> is sea salt. black pepper. > both sides. >> let me do this. > i would like to see how you cook it. >> do we have to use a girl at home?



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