MDA Steak Fry

Volunteer firefighters hosting a steak fry for MDA.
thanks for coming. >> thanks. what makes a steak even better and when it supports a great cause like the muscular dystrophy association and we have firefighter jeff strong and kenneth healy. great to have both of you here. >> thank you. >> firefighters volunteer. they are not comp — compensated other than what they’re doing, right? >> right. we prepare the food and it goes all day and starts at 7 and goes until 11:00 in the evening and green beans and a great omaha steak. >> that is my next question what comes along with the steak? because have you to have the good sides. >> yes. we have the baked bread and ivy comes through and provides the side dishes and we’re grilling steak out on our front lawn. >> why do firefighters support the mda the way do you and you are so faithful about that and doing what they can. >> it is a pat on the back and a thank you for what they do. >> and you are



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