Md Irish Festival In Timonium

Irish Festival
morning’s show. jamie. >>> all right. oh, danny boy dan he groh grew up two blocks from here. danny calvert hall and all of a sudden you become — you are an army airborne. >> i was. >> ranger and then he becomes the past president othe friendly sons director of fund raising for the police emerald society. and president of the irish charity of maryland and that’s what brings you in today. and we have a big irish festival going on. >> we do. 25,000 people are coming i believe. >> oh. >> a lot of music and great music all weekend. >> and starts where and when? >> 6 p.m. friday. >> yeah. >> at the palace in timonium. >> what kind of vendors. >> irish vennors with sweaters and m and china and stuff — and merchandise and china and stuff from all around. from florida to canada and from ireland that bring stuff. >> this is good. this is a preliminary. we are in november. >> that’s right. >> an



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