McDonald’s Of The Ozarks – 9/11/17

McDonald’s of the Ozarks – 9/11/17
kelly: he does a beautiful job. ken, thank you! you’re my new friend in st. louis! >> kelly: we had the best time. that is the central west end in st. louis. and my friends, kristen bergman is here. great to see you! >> guest: i’m so happy to see you. >> kelly: it’s been a little while. and you are always — or mcdonald’s is always coming up with something new and wonderful. and for the fall, what are you bringing us? >> guest: so as you can tell, i’m trying to rush fall. get the fall colors and fall drinks in. our guests are always asking for new options when it comes to our mccafe line. we have a lot of new ones out right now. i brought some for us to sample today. these are the new caramel macciatos. so you can get this iced or hot. >> kelly: is this what i’m sampling? >> guest: yes. people are fans of the caramel macciatos because it’s something you can get with whole or nonfat milk.



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