McDonald’s Of The Ozarks – 10/9/17

McDonald’s of the Ozarks – 10/9/17
>> tom: welcome back. one of my favorite people, not because she’s nice, but she brings mcdonald’s on. >> you’re one of my favorite people, too! >> tom: this i’m looking here, something new. what is going on at mcdonald’s? >> guest: they are so good! they are new. these are our brand-new buttermilk crispy chicken tenders. they’re the real deal, tom. they are so good. >> tom: they smell really good. >> guest: i know, i walked through the t.v. station with them. and i thought i was going to be followed. >> tom: uh-huh. and i’m sure there’s people waiting just outside of the door. i don’t doubt it. [chuckling] why has mcdonald’s stepped into — because it had the mcnuggets, why are we into these tenders now? >> guest: mcdonald’s is always evolving when it comes to food, ingredients and what our guests want from us. this is no different. it’s another opportunity to bring a delicious wholesom



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