McDonald’s Beefs Up Menu With Pricier Burgers

McDonald comes out with their new burgers. Its cost $4 each. (Bloomberg News)
— . >> mcdonald’s is supervising its menu with a more expensive burger. — super-sizing its menu with a more expensive birr. >> tomorrow, mcdonald’s will debut its first of hamburgers since 2001. the three new bank is birders will be 1/3 of a pound and they will cost about $4. they are trying to wean customers off but there lower margin value menu. will it work? one analyst says the more expensive birders will have to overcome the slowdown in u.s. consumer spending as people eat at home more. given the recession, it is harder to sell a premium my head. another big concern is whether the birders will be able to bring in new customers. >> the ag as berger has been a couple of test markets. how did it do? — b. angus — the angus barter has been in a couple of test market. how did it do? >> they will have to compete with other offerings from chains like the in and out bertrand and fat burg



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