McDaniel Gets His Que On

A star of Detroit 1-8-7 shows Carolyn Clifford his favorite spot for ribs.
>>> the first thing i do is find where the best ribs are. >> we are now entering the sanctuary, which is joanne’s barbecue. i want to introduce you to my friend joanne. where are you at? how are you doing, baby? >> reporter: joanne’s barbecue has been serving up great ribs, chicken and soul food to metro detroiters for decades. and not all that much has changed since her parents opened up the eatery. >> this is a family-owned business and you have been here for what, 59 years? >> yes, my mom and dad started it back in 1951. anyone who thinks that my mom is joanne, but actually, her name is grace. she named it after me. she said she knew i would have it longer than she would. >> reporter: a fire shut down joanne’s barbecufor a long time until they could renovate. >> i have seen a lot of new gimmicks come out. none of them knew charcoal. i would rather stick with the old fashion way, pride



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