McCromick & Schmick’s Signature Crab Cakes

McCromick & Schmick’s Signature Crab Cakes
say. >> right now we’re in the kitchen with a chef from mccormick & schmick’s seafood restaurant in virginia beach, making their signature crab cake and we will also be making one of their favorites cocktails. great ingredients. let’s talk about what we need. >> for the crab cakes we used a blue crab. a what makes that has a variety of things, manas, aids, chopped red pepper, — mayo, eggs , chopped red pepper. >> how do we get started? >> take a little bit of the blue crab. >> here you have some crab legs. >> we are running a discover american the crab the promotion. the far side is a guinness trimmed — schrempp. the metal is a latin king crab. then, we have a california roll. these are three of the dishes we will be featuring for the next month. >> fantastic. you will show us how to make the crab cake. >> you take the blue crab. break it with your fingers. you want to have some ni



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