McAlister’s Deli Coming To Ft. Wayne

McAlister’s Deli will open up in the old Krispy Kreme store at Jefferson Pointe.
newschannel 15’s matt mccutcheon was first to break this story on wane-dot-com this afternoon. he’s live tonight with this story on our economy. matt — where – and what – are we talking about here? well its right here at the jefferson pointe shopping center, on a prime piece of real estate right near the intersection of illinois road and jefferson boulevard. you probably know it as the old krispy kreme doughnut shop, but it will soon be home to a mcalister’s deli. “oh, you’re talking about where the doughnut shop used to be?” that’s what this is still known as. doughnuts haven’t rolled off the assembly line inside since last april, and the building has sat empty ever since. that won’t be the case this summer, when mcalister’s deli opens up, and that has many people excited. ..5pm sots.. :20 while mcalister’s may not be well known in fort wayne, it is well known nationwide. it0 operates



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