Maximizing The Holiday Flavors

Chef Tom tells us how to make all of your favorite holiday flavors even better!
utah” provided by the timber lodge furniture and design. . >> the flavors of the holiday season are the best all year long, but how about maximizing them. chef tom is here to show us how. i love this. everything from ginger bread to sweet potatoes, the thing is, you don’t want to get too creative with the holiday dishes because there’s tradition. there’s — really, i mean, like, for example, grandpa chef tom every year makes an apple sauce in a if that apple sauce changes, kind of makes me a little upset. that’s my grandpa, that’s christmas. so we will talk some ways you can change your dishes and really improve the flavor without really changing them so much that it destroys the tradition that you’re used to with your family members and their memory. >> so maybe amp it up just a little bit. >> just a little bit. >> first thing we will talk about is stuffing. you can take just regular bo



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