Max Brenner

It’s sexy, it’s divine, and every lady loves it. It’s chocolate! And the one man bringing chocolate to the max is Max Brenner who has several locations all over the world, and just recently opened his first Las Vegas location at The Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace. Max came in and fed Dao & Shawn some of the tastiest creations known to mankind.
closet. first, sexy, divine and everybody loves it. i’ve never seen so many girls in the studio. go whoo! >> whoo. >> we’re talking about chocolate, ladies and gentlemen. >> step inside the world of chocolate with our first guest. max brenner, chocolate by the bulk man, is spreading the love in his unique way, joining us this morning. thank you for coming. we’re in heaven. you are combining two of our favorite things in the world, pizza and chocolate. what have you done? >> well, i broke one of our best — brought one of our best selleners our chocolate restaurants around the world. it’s a chocolate pizza, which is easy to make at home because you buy like a pizza dough anywhere, in any supermarket. then you buy like little chocolate shavings like this or chocolate drops. i brought something really special, which is like a serious — >> shawn: whoa. oh my god! >> we cannot start talking



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