Mauricio Faedo’s Bakery

Mary and Frank Gegunde have been buying baked breads and other goodies from Mauricio Faedo’s Bakery on Florida Avenue in Tampa for years. But recently, they found something extra in their hoagie rolls.
replaced by mary listen akraman — marilyn akraman. >>> and we have a dirty dining report now. >> yeah, we’ve done a story on this place before. bakeries with poor inspection ratings. now, based on recent inspection reports, one of those places has not gotten any better. so we went back to find out why they haven’t cleaned things up, and discovered the food they sell is also served as some local restaurants. mary and rank have been buying baked beds from this bakery on florida avenue in tampa for years. but they recently got something extra in their hoagie rolls. >> low and behold, i get home, i hopenned up the bag, and it was baked in rat, roach fee cease. i got queasy right after that. >> reporter: frank was so upset he filed a complaint with the department of agriculture, and spoke with a local inspector twice. >> i called him again and i said what are you doing about this? and they s



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