Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament

The first two chefs to enter the Final Four talk about the experience of competing in the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament.
be alarmed. >>> you will be alarmed about the next story, we have had guests in, it’s the mason dixon master chef tournament, i was told that like the green jacket in golf this is what you get if you win it. tell us where you’re from >> my name in justin, i’m a chef in little italy >> great restaurants, what’s this competition about? it’s the best chef in the area. >> right, it’s modeled after the iron chef format, you have an hour to come up with three dishes, in this case, it’s appetizer, entree and dezero — dessert. we’re judged by a panel of 3 judges and we do what we do >> do you bring the red-star menu? >> it’s a chance to do different things and meet different people and see what they’re doing. it’s for a good cause >> how is the experience? >> it’s fun, i’ve known justin since second grade probably. and we have worked together in a few restaurants, it’s nice to get back and cook



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