Maryland Style Crab Cakes

We’re cooking Maryland style crab cakes with Chef Thomas Duffy from the Spiced Pear at The Chanler.
michelle cruz. el let’s go over to the kitchen with patrick littlrie. >> you’re here to tellte us about crab cakes,es maryland sometime crab cakes.cr why not rhode island style?ty >> because maryland is known for crabs. ab>> ok.k. >> and it’s just what we call my m version, orn, our v ersion of maryland style crab cakes. s cca >> ok. with a rhoderh islandan twist. with thomas duffy’s twist, soso what’s in the ingredients. >> over>> there, we have some jumbo lump crab meat, fennel, pink grapefruit, organic mosh, edible flours, and bull’s blood. >> what was that? >> a microbeat bull’s blood. >> bull’s blood? >> yes. it’s just the name of the beet. he t.>> there’s the crab. you can see the crab, and the — nothing like a crab cake, and is it a quick meal to puto together here? >> once everything is set up, it’s pretty quick, it’s p retty fast. >> a nd the crab,nd boy, that looks — what kin



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