Mary Cavett’s Eye-High Pecan Pie

We’re cooking Mary Cavett’s Eye-High Pecan Pie with the Radio City Rockette’s.
for now, we’ll heaowd w intoo the kitchen where piece can pie is on the menu. en >> this is mary cavett from thtte radio city rockettes. i don’t have to kick this morning do i? i >> no, you do not.o >> she’s joining us this morning, of o course, rockettes in town atto ptpac for the f next couple of weeksof and she has eye high piece can pie. >> yes, i do. >> what goes into your eye high piece can pie. pi >> we have all of our ingredients, there’s brown suing hard, white suing hard,whsu a light karo syrup, which is a corn syrup, butter, pecans, vanilla and some eggsan and then our pie crust. >> be honest with me, how much of this piece can pie do you heat, you’re in phenomenal me shape, you do a lot of exercising, you dcio a lot of kicking. do you eat this you and the rockette s?ck >> it’s a post show meal. it’s about 300 kicks in each show, so we can eat pretty much whatever we want, so



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