Married At School

High school students in martin county, florida got a double helping of excitement during lunchtime.
to them … and it was followed up with a gourmet reception. glenn weston has the story. nats the culinary arts programna at martin county high school is preparing for what might be ar once in a life time event. the e entres warming in the oven. salads so large they are tossed by hand. and the broccoli is all steamed up. (sot: student) “it’s not everyday you have your teacher getting married at g school.” (sot: student) “this is the first i ever heard of ev anybody getting married at g school.” their teacher miss mvirginia conti decided to let her students share in heudr big moment. “we decided to have something for them here so they can take part in the celebration with atus.” getting married at the school? “i never dreamt it. i rear lly didn’t. it was a surprise to me.” a real wedding ceremony – complete with the bridal party, the flowers, and of course the f rings — as well a host of



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