Marinated Grilled Hammer Steak

Marinated grilled hammer steak
>>> if you’re not so hot in the kitchen or know somebody who can’t even boil eggs, the food network’s new show is right up your aley. >> professional chefs ann burrell and bo mcmillan put their reputations on the line in the food network show called “worst cooks in america,” their job to teach some very inexperienced chefs how to cok a gourmet meal. >> i was shocked at how bad they were. >> in the course of the show, it was lovely to se their progress, how they did learn. >> so chef ann invited us into her kitchen, giving us a few tips she gives contestants on the show. >> today we are rocking out some marinated grilled hammer steak, and we’re going to sit that around a turnip. kind of a twist on the scalloped potatoes. dijon mustard. a great marinade because it sticks to the meat. big flavored. a zest of lemon. a squeeze of a lemon juice also. we’ll do a little seedectomy. we always lov



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