Mariah’s Chow Chow Relish

Relish what you eat!
guest took a leap of faithh and put her thoughts into action, she linked 1% women’s development business center and sold them onn her ideaes. >> and mariah’s chow chow relish was born. welcome to the show. >> thank you, i’m excited to share my recipe with you. >> we have so muchuc to talk about. >> okay. >> we need to w know, what is chow chow. >> chow chow originated in france in the 1800s. it was originally chew because one of the primaryy ingredient is cabbage and so it is chopped vegetables it. migrated to the south and in thehe summer when you can vegetables we mixed al the vegetables up and made this, what we called was a fod enhancement, and you ate it throughout the winter with your beans and greens. corn bread, fish. >> there you go. a southern bell. i gave her some chow chow and she said i’m all about the chow chow. >> absolutely. >> i want to get into the name, how did you com



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