Margherita Pizza

The Cooking Couple return to the Connecticut Style kitchen to show us how to make Margherita Pizza.
fantastic recipe. welcome back to the shbaow. always great to have you both. >> we need to start with a love check. >> i k now. how are we doing,, newlyweds,e arely things stilthl spicing up in the kitchen. >> i think that is an inappropriate quesaption. what happens behind closed doors between a man and woman — [laughter] we’re having tons of fun together. >> i love it. still happy newlyweds, thyings going well. >> absolutely,s we’re still having a great time.m . we are sort of branching out a little bit, doing stuff we haven’t done before and we’ve only had a few h fires and it is fine. >> but we did have a fire. >> you d>>id? >> a little one. >> i can’t believe you mentioned that. >> oh, no. >> it was random because we set off the smoke alarm when we just take out steam from like the oven or from making pasta buts then we had a little fire that was t otally contained and you wouldn’t



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