Marco’s Pizza

Brandon Gorin
? this is life indy style ?? >> good for sunday, super bowl sunday. whether hosting a party a yourself and family. you have to have pizza. man, we put the two together. super bowl champ. we are here. boilermaker. right? >> yeah, a good day. >> yeah, you guys. how did you get hooked up with marco’s. i know a lot of pressure nowadays on professnal athletes thinking about the career afterwards. i know he did 8 years. good long time in the league. so what made you — >> nine years. >> nine years. >> sorry. >> you are good. >> my math skills aren’t as good as yours. >> 3.8gpa, right? >> right. >> smart man. i did it. >> absolutely. what made you decide you are going with marco’s. >> coming into your career, begin to think about, what are you doing post career? end some day for someone. everyone actually. put a lot of thought into it. a lot of research with my background engineering major. a l



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