Marco Island Beach Music Festival

The best burger in paradise competition?nnAbsolutely.nnHe is from the marco island marriott beach resort where the big beach music festival is coming up a week from saturday, right?nnThat’s right.nnWe are going to give you all the information on what you need to do to go there, special deal at the marriott as well. And chef mike, what are you cooking over there, by the way?nnWe have a beautiful baja burger, chipotle stuffed grass-fed burger stuffed with queso fresco and top with avocado and beautiful onion.nnWe’ll be there in a few minutes and check in with you before then. This is the second year for the marco island second annual beach festival and golf classic ging on for a couple of days down on the best island on god’s green earth, right?nnThank you very much, bill.nnDetails, details, details.nnWe are a phenomenal event last year and raised a lot of money for charity. It was a good



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