March Of Dimes/Signature Chefs Auction

Omaha’s finest chefs will provide their favorite dishes at the Old Market Embassy Suites. Chef Rock Harper, Season 3 winner of Hell’s Kitchen will be making a guest appearance!
>> and eating whatever you want. >> and it has benefits. we went to college together. >> yes. every day we have someone that you went to school or college with. >> tell me about the project. >> it was founded in 1948 by franklin deleno ruse develop and the original cause was to find a cure for polo and polo had been cured and they turned to being the champions of babies low birth weight, infant mortality those things are what they champion now. >> we hit the high note one stop all can you eat. this is truly go and eat your dinner. >> i am sure you have done these fundraisersen and you sit through this two-hour meal and then are on your way. you didn’t eyour food that. was five hours ago anyway. >> and you actually go around. there is salad, sushi, steak, dessert the program is about 20 minutes. the auction is about half an her. time flies. there is good food, drinks. there is a lot of pe



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