March Of Dimes

The March of Dimes has been dedicated to saving babies from birth defects and other infant health problems for more than 60 years.The 13th Annual Signature Chefs of Las Vegas will fund research to find causes for birth defects and to improve infant health. Dao & Shawn spoke to Megan Romano from Aureole at Mandalay Bay and Kristina Dollard from March Of Dimes to talk about this great event, and whip up something special!
>> shawn: tickets for this talented person coming up. >> dao: first, how to treat infants with health problems. >> shawn: a week from saturday you can taste some of the best cuisine around. what’s better than an actual meal? dessert. >> dao: it would be dessert. we’re whipping up a tasty one. >> shawn: executive pastry chef from oreo and christina here with march of dimes. >> good morning. >> dao: so gorgeous, that restaurant. >> shawn: man, i have. i looked at the sign and i’m like, i don’t know how to say it, i’m just going in. as long as you know to go in. the event is called signature chefs, helps the march of dimes. >> we raise money through response ships, bank of america bank of america, nevada state bank and we have a live auction with getaways to hawaii and a great sponsors, bette bernard it is venetian and they donate $50,000 of sculptures and artwork. >> dao: megan, how did yo



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