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Not only is Pears Gourment coffee delicious, you can feel good about drinking it! Hear how they grow coffee without harming the environment!
>> it is fascinating to say the least and yesterday we talked about coffee and how it is grown. >> and pear’s talked about specialty coffee. they are back. >> they are back jim larson and mr. conzalaez. >> it is good to have you back. >> you are focused on quality and supply. how do you control those two things? >> well, it is getting the best process everyone thinks that it they have the best and they have quality that comes out of the political. >> and we are looking at the call. talk about that and why it is important. >>> well, this is control and you get every step. you have a tracking trail. >> mm-hmm. >> so at the end of the day when it is processed the tag have’s a quality code on one side and a bar code to give that to the public. >> that is amazing. >> talk about the certain down in mexico. >> you love this town, right? >> yes. you love the people there and they love you right



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