Maple Glazed Pork Chops With Apples

We’re cooking Maple Glazed Amaretto Pork Chops with Sliced Cortland Apples with Chef Marc Ruggio of Cortland Place.
home. mewho knows what i have in the cupboard, but speaking of what’s in kitchen cup boards, vince is in our kitchen. . what are we cooking today? >> i tell you something, we have pork chops, but we don’t have your mama’s pork chops. we have mark reggio’s pork chops. how are you stir? >> i’m doing wonderful. >> run us>> by thiss potpourri. >> thishi is pork chops with glazed apples, we have center cut pork p chops, no bone, and then we have flour to dip ittd i?tn, and then we have amaretto, wh aich we marinated it iatnn overnight. >> the booze amaretto. et >> mr. skwrao: yes>>. >> you just piqued >> yes.. >> you just piqued my interest.t. fresh parmesan off the whffeel and balsamic vinegar. >> tell me h ow we’re going to put this together. are we goingar too sautee this in a pan? >> sautee it in a pan, dredge it in flour and add the amaretto and the apples. a >> and when does the maple s



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