Mandarin Orange Salad

Mandarin Orange Salad
usually three to five days, and schuleman says patients see results imediately. >>> chef matt murphy takes us into his kitchen at m. bistro at the ritz carlton in new orleans to show us how to whip up a tasty mandarin orange salad. it’s all in today’s better bites. >> welcome back. we’re back in the kitchen. we’ve got the mandarin orange, some tomatoes. i’ll put two different types here. we have a nice tomato here, and then we have this tomato that the farmer gave us. nothing wrong with this. cut it and make it into a stewing tomato. this one you’re going a use in the salad. we picked out some of these leaves. we’re going to take those leaves, just like so. we’ve got this patuma meat. i just want the fruit part of it. this is a neat little trick. instead of peling it and having some white pith in there, we do it like so. we’re taking our radish to shave it right over the top. we have thi



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