‘Man Vs Food’ Star Conquers 5/3 Burger

On Wednesday night, the Fifth Third Burger received national attention.nnAdam Richman, host of the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food,” finished the massive sandwich, and will feature the experience on one of his upcoming shows.
contracts. others are now sue to go get out of their deals. > the biggest attraction at the white house game wasn’t the players of the game itself but rather a tv star’s attempt to eat a really big hamburger. he stars in “man verses food.” tonight he took on our famous fifth third burger here which weighs in at several pounds about 5,000 calories. after training with the players today and taking part in several promotions rich man started ciaoing down in the 7th inning. he wasn’t the only one. a lot of fans took the challenge with him as well. >> it’s a challenge. it’s not easy by any means. you have to pace yourself. radio oo everyone who finishes gets a t-shirt. the travel channel won’t let us show you the video of the burger eating but we can tell you richman was succesul. the segment will air later this year. he is doing a show on ballpark food and stay with us larry figurski has mor



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