Mama Mexico

Mama Mexico
thank you. it is cinco de mayo. commemorating the mexican army is unlikely defeat of the french forces in 1862. >> this morning we are having a party with ma mexico, a family run maxim — family-run restaurant in new york and new jersey. let’s start with little bit of music. ? ? >> beautiful. and do so much. i am in the spirit, are you? >> we are. we have got music, dancing, and food. juan, welcome to the show, sir. >> thank you for having us. what’s your whole family is here. >> we have our five-star shaft, our pastry chef — five star chef, pastry chef. >> nice to have you here. > today we are making enchiladas. let’s start out with the ingredients. tomato sauce, jalapenos, powder, and cilantro. lend them in, creating the sauce. and — blend them in, creating the sauce. we add olive oil. add garlic and onion. shredded chicken. that is for the mouthwatering taste. that’s beautiful. — >



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