Making Your Own Gazpacho

Wegmans Chef Edd Hite shows how easy it is to make a summer time treat, Gazpacho
joing us this morning. ed heist, chef of wegmans is here. you say pacho, i say gazpacho, let’s just make it. >> we as start off with a lot of fresh ingredients. fresh tomatoes, red peppers, garlic, onions, cilantro, it’s like a one-pot wonder. >> if that’s all you need, i’m impressed. >> a lot of the stuff you can keep on your shelves. some of the sff is really great. people have their own gardens at home. >> what i’m going to do, i went ahead and cut a jalapeno in half. scoop out the reds and seeds, with just a spoon, um, you know, jalapenos can be a little sensitive, all the essential oils in there that make it spicy. >> need goggles? >> i’ve had experienced where the goggles would have helped. use a spoon to get the seeds out. there’s where all the heat is. if you’re sensitive, use rubber gloves. the oils will kind of meld with the oils in your hands. even if you wash a few times, it’



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