Making The Most Of Thanksgiving Plates

Ways to make Thanksgiving look and taste great.
>> also have scott chambers, we’ll talk about wine pair in a few moments. first let’s get talking about plating. it’s all about the look, isn’t it, chef? >> yeah, chris. what we did here for thanksgiving is a lot of times with the items for thanksgiving dinner as most people know they can get kind of sloppy and run all over the plate. >> gravy everywhere. >> the idea — exactly the idea that i took here was to try to keep some of the items contained. if you want it to look more pretty get out those little dishes that you have in your cupboard keep some of the items contained. i took this little tea cup here, if you have a set of tea cups you can put your green bean casserole and crispy fried cup. you won’t break that cup — >> eat it right out of the cup? >> sure. like warm up like lowest setting most ovens go to 175 or so. you won’t break it just keep it warm or turn your oven off just



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