Making Spanikopita With Angelo’s Restaurant

Making Spanikopita with Angelo’s Restaurant
it over to vince in the at this time chen. >> back in “the rhode show,” i am with the lovely, lovely, lovely christine. how are you, my darling? >> i’m good. how are you? >> i’m fantastic. you are from angelo’s restaurant in cumberland. >> what is the address. >> 133 menden road if cumberland. >> you are making us a traditional greek dish today. tell us everybody at home what it is. >> it’s spanikopita. >> well, the margaritas, that’s what our photographer is focused on. >> spanikopita, over here. >> did someone say margarita? >> now, of course, everybody here, rick, come on over here, he can’t get enough of me. have you ever heard of my big greek wedding? >> “my big fat greek wedding.” >> how about my big greek family. wave everybody. >> they never travel in pairs or anything. >> i love it. , italian, we’re not that far apart, greeks and italians. culture and tradition. i love that the



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