Making Pizza At Epcot Food And Wine Festival

Sean Daly goes behind the scenes and learns how to make one of the best pizzas around the world.
switch gears now to the food portion. sean has our daily dose of pizza. one of the hot restaurants is valued via napoli, chef charlie is one of the creators of all this. it’s deferent kind of pizza. we use all fresh ingredients, and the way our dough is made and everything. what’s the key to this. >> many years of practice. >> i cannot spin a basketball but i can do pizza. the crust here is thin, it’s light, it’s crispy. >> i like to say crispy and chewy at the same time. it thin but not like a cracker. we cook it at 800 degrees. you have this monster ovens back here. each one is named after a volcano. those run at 764 degrees. >> we go about to 850, like to keep it at that, we make so many pizzas a day and we offer salads pastas so we have a full menu. >> it’s all fresh. >> right. >> people can come back here and you take reservations? >> yes we do. >> the international food and wine fe



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