Making Crepes With Palmieri’s Bakery

Crepes with Palmieri’s Bakery
the nutella crepes, we like to do it with banas, it’s such a good combination and then we also have fresh come poeted strawberries. it’s strawberries and sugar together. >> you cook that? >> to. it will do it themselves. strawberries, suing arcs put it in the fridge, next day, you had have a syrup and we serve it with our cream cheese filling. >> our do we get startd in. >> already in the bowl, i have all of our dry ingredients, the flour, sugar and the salt. real easy. can start by pouring the milk in. you want to pull it up, turn it on. >> is it a matter of whole milk? >> they recommend whole milk, but this is actually 2%, so it really doesn’t matter. you do the eggs next. >> how many eggs are in there? >> six eggs. very similar to a pancake batter. we have oil,. >> just regular vegetable oil? >> vegetable oil. we use soy, and melted butter, so you just let that go and let it work off



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