Make The Perfect Dinner Rolls

Make the perfect dinner rolls
got a quarter cup of warm water, and one pack of active yeast. and then over here, we happen to have — we have a cup of milk, and a bit of butter that we warmed up on top of the stove to melt. then we’ve cooltd it down completely. we don’t want to kill the yeast. a couple of eggs. we’ll just crack those. and we just want to beat them up a little bit to mix in. this is a really simple recipe, and so delicious. now flour. we use an all-purpose flour. two cups in to start with. and then on top of that, we’re going to put three table spoons of granulated sugar, a little sweetness, and it helps make it tender too, i think. this is a beautiful doh. one tablespoon of kosher salt. and then we’ll stir those in together. and then once this is smooth, we’ll add a bit more flour. then we’ll put two more cups of flour. level it off. we’re not going to need. this all the acti on happens in the bowl.



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