Make Super Super Bowl Dishes

The must have dish at the party? Tostadas!
>>> here with us is chef rebecca from sh’s market. thanks for being here. >> first we are going to make chicken tostados. you can pick up a cooked chicken and chop it up. and you are going to heat up some of your favorite prepared salsa and mix the chicken with the salsa and that is the base. and then add toppings. we have the scoopers. and we also have blue flat chips. you can use your favorite. and then take some of the chicken and kind of add that right in. use the shell there. and then really you can customize your toppings. the ones that we like here, we like to use a little bit of cheese. you can use cheddar cheese or your favorite. you can use a shredded mexican style. after that what we took here was a little bit of good old fashioned sour cream and mixed cumin in it to give it a little bit of flavor. it is a little bit thick but you can make that easier if you had a squirty bott



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