Make Ahead Fajitas Freezer Meal

FOX 11 Living with Amy recipe.
< > welcome back. we’re handing out some tips and tricks on today’s show. in a minute we’re going to give you a tip on where you can get some easy cheese cutting gadgets. but first, maybe you just got married or maybe you have been married a long time and you’ )re still looking for a way to merge your styles. you like flowers. he likes showing off what he got in last year’s hunt. christie kaderabek, from interior inspirations, had that problem with her husband. and instead of making him put his stuff in a separate room in the basement, she found a way to?? m??er??ge?? i??t ??al??l ??to??ge??th??er??.?????? ????????ta??ke?? a?? l??oo??k ??at?? h??er?? t??ip??s.??????????????????… up next, do you dread grating cheese, not anymore we’ll show you some fun gadgets and tricks to help make your life easier in the kitchen. and later, we’ll give you tips on how you can water those plants, wi



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