Magical Maamoul

A Lebanese Treat from Julie Taboulie
>> who doesn’t love cookies during the holidays. today julie taboulie is here to talk about middle eastern cookies, good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> these are butter cookies, right? >> they are. ’tis the season for sweets. this is traditional butter cookie, lebanese middle eastern butter cookie moamououl they’re filled butter cookies with delicious walnut and sugar blend or — >> moamoul? >> thank you for entertaining me. carry on. >> how did you prepare these fillings? >> first walnut is basically, i took whole walnuts here. i grinded it up with sugar added a little bit of orange blossom war to that, i use it a lot in my syrup. i love orange blossom. >> could you use another kind of nut, pecan? >> very interchangeable, pistachio, almonds, pecan, whatever you like. i love them both but i do have a little — my heart goes to the date filling i love dates so much. the dates are pitt



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