Magic Spoon Part 3 – Mass Appeal

Claudine Gaj, personal chef and owner of The Magic Spoon cooks something delicious!
brigade. it sounds like a fun event. we are finishing up this delicious recipe. claudine is putting it on the platter. she is a personal chef and owns the magic spoon in indian orchard. and lucky us, we have this delicious meal here now. and it’s tossed ravioli with garlic sauce, chicken and fresh vegetables. >> right. >> let’s move this over. perfect. you can bring it back a little bit. and we’ll keep it there. >> i just popped that off. this ravioli that i get, i just get it at costco and it comes with parmesan cheese inside the package with it, too. you don’t have to worry about that either. >> very nice. >> we’ll make caesars salad dressing next. this actually stays. most people don’t bother making a caesars salad dressing because if you use real egg yolk, you don’t want to keep it in your refrigerator any longer than 24 hours. instead of using raw egg yolks, i’m using mayonnaise a i



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