Magic Spoon Part 2 – Mass Appeal

Claudine Gaj, personal chef and owner of The Magic Spoon cooks something delicious!
appeal.” i’m ashley. i’m here with claudine. and she’s a personal chef and owner of the magic spoon. and we are cooking up something delicious, grilled ravioli, roasted garlic sauce, fresh vegetables and chicken. and later on, a cesar salad with homemade caesar dressing. >> right. >> we actually started. in the beginning we grilled ravioli and we’re on to making the sauce. we chopped up onion, garlic and red peppers and that’s simmering and added in fresh broccoli. >> we are going to add our chicken stock here. this is really simple. just a cup of chicken stock. add that to the span. >> and it’s still on medium high, claudine? >> yeah. it’s on medium high. then i have some fresh herbs over here. some basil, oregano and then some rosemary in as well. >> my favorite. >> you can use dry herbs, too or throw some pesto in with the chicken stock. and i’m going to turn this up a little bit so i



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