Magic Spoon – Mass Appeal

Claudine Gaj, personal chef and owner of The Magic Spoon cooks something delicious!
hi, claudine. >> how are you? >> i am ready to cook. claudine is actually, you’re a personal chef and owner of the imaginmagic spoon. it’s a catering service. >> i do full service catering for parties about under 125. >> there are many delicious meals to choose from and entrees. today we’re making tossed ravioli with garlic sauce and vegetables and chicken. >> yes, yes. >> i don’t know if i said that right. that’s what we’re doing. we’ll get started now. >> and we’ll also make a cesars salad. >> with homemade cesar dressing. >> that’s a refrigerator stable because most you can’t put in the refrigerator because of the eggs. >> we’ll start with the ravioli, first. >> this is store-bought raviolis here. i picked these up at costco before i came down, spinach and cheese. we’re going to toss them with olive oil. you can use salt and pepper, any of your favorite herbs. i have a little garlic,



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