Macy’s BLT

We’re cooking Macy’s BLT in the kitchen with Chef Jared Aronson from Riverside Kitchen.
a billion dollaron ar industry. in ry we’re going to go to the kitg chen right now. lily is cooking up with riverside kitc hen. >> i am cooking up with chef jarod and we’re going to make a special lblt. why is this special. >> this is a customer-inspiredsp blt. this is macy’s inspired blt. b >> we have lettuce, bacon, tomato, but what’s specialci about this particular blt. >> when we add the red onions, professor loan cheese and hot peppers on the seeded rye, it comes together. >> i haven’t had a good rye bread in quite somete time, so i’m kind of excited about this. that’s awesome. we i also see you have muffinse over there. are you willing to part with any of those. >> i will. >> what kind of muffins do yndou have? >> corn, bana nut and blueberry, just picked them up. >> you did, just for us. >> i did. >> her e at “the rhode show.” we want to let you know that recipe and ingredients ar



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