Machine Shed Restaurant

Since the opening of their first restaurant in 1978, The Machine Shed has upheld their commitment to quality using only the best beef, pork and poultry. Their menu items are caringly made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. The Morning Blend welcomes The Machine Shed as they share some of their delicious recipes with our viewers.nnSpinach and Wild Rice Pork Rouladenn nn¨ Recipe: Butterfly pork loin making 3 cutsnno In mixing bowl combine spinach, cooked rice, parmesan cheese and spicesnno Spread stuffing mix evenly over pork loinnno Roll pork loin and tie with twinenno Place in roasting pan and season with garlic salt, pepper and thymenno Place in oven and roast at 300 degrees for about2-21/2 hours to an internal temp of 155 degrees nno Sauce: In sauce pan melt butter add flour stir with whipnno Add garlic salt, nutmeg, and white pepper. Cook for 1 min.nno Add Heavy cream and stir with whip, Bring to boil add cheese stir until cheese is meltednnIngredients: Sauce:nno 2 cups- heavy creamnno 1cup- asiago or parmesan cheesenno 1tsp- garlic powdernno ½ tsp- nutmegnno ½ tsp- saltnno 1/8tsp- white peppernno 2Tbs-butternno 2Tbs- flournnStuffing:nno 3lbs-boneless pork loin(center cut)nno 3 cups-Cooked Wild ricenno 2 cups- Chopped spinach (about 3 ounces)nno 1 cup-shredded asiago or parmesan cheesenno 2 tsp-Thymenno 2tsp-garlic saltnno 2tsp-Black Pepper
>>> welcome to “the morning blend.” cooking with the machine shed. whether it is a yummy dinner cooking with the kids or holiday with cousins, aunts and uncles, a sure fir way to impress your guests. it is called roulade. >> joining us for a great dish joel will show us how easy it is. >> welcome to the show, joel. >> thank you. >>> earlier we were talking about we were making a pork dish and butterfly and make a roll to it. >> that’s what roulade means laid out flat and rolled. >> that’s what it means. >> it sounds complicated. >> it is a little complicated. >> okay. what do you have there? is that a tenderloin? >> it is actually a boneless pork loin. i will go down the middle. >> that’s the butterflying of it, right. >> yes. >> you have to have a sharp knife, right. >> yes. >> i keep cutting it and roll it out and we will make a stuffing for it. and our stuffing will consist of the wil



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