Machine Shed Crab Cakes

Machine Shed Crabcakes
welcome back to the morning blend where we’re cooking with the machine shed. with a little seafood to temp your taste buds. even if you’ve tried crab cakes before, maybe you’ve been frustrated if you’ve tried to make them? today we’ll share a recipe fordicious cakes. >> joel is here to show us how. and we’re serving them with a delicious dijon aioli sauce. and we have — sauce. and we have both recipes on our website. nice to have you. >> thank you. >> what are you going to do first? you’re going to make the crab cakes? we’re going to saute is green ons a little bit. >> i love them. do they have more flavor than yellow or white. >> they are more distinct, yes. >> and you’re using the green part. >> yes. >>s that so it’s not overwhelming. >> a bit more bitter. >> right. okay. >> so you’re going to fry up the green ons? and — onions. and it gives it color, too. >> it’s not going to cook s



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