Machine Shed Cooking Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

Terry shows us how to make a casserole
>>> and welcome. we are in the kihen cooking with the machine shed. sometimes our homes feel like revolving doors with famils coming and going. today we are cooking up a casserole pleasing to just about everyone. >> what i lovebout it, it i tasty, whether it is morning, noon or night. with us is chef terry wait to whip up a chey bake casserole. >> i love it. >> i should point out we had this recipe a couple of days to put it on the web site. our technical produr matt made this and edited a few of his own ingrnts and we will talk about it ler to mix it up. >> it was smelling up the place and smelling so good. what didou make. itas really good. definitely a holiday tat. >> i jus went for thanksgiving and somebody brought this as a potato option. cheddar casserole is great. especiallyhis time of year. baked cheddar casserole with sour cream in it. >> yep. >> it i about as easy to mak as ask



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