Machine Shed

Since the opening of their first restaurant in 1978, The Machine Shed has upheld their commitment to quality using only the best beef, pork and poultry. Their menu items are caringly made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. The Morning Blend welcomes The Machine Shed as they share some of their delicious recipes with our viewers.nnToday, tune in to find out what goes into a new State Fair treat, the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger.nnThe Machine Shed
>>> and welcome to “the morning blend.” we are cooking with the machine shed. here it is. >> ta da. >> and the newest addition to the state fair. the krispy kremeburger? the what? >> to me it sounds like pure awesomeness. to others not so much. >> not so sure. i will give it a chance. >> either way it is good for a special occasion. terry is here from the machine shed to show us. >> first hi to know who was the genius who said let’s take a cheeseburger and slice a krispy kreme donut in half. >> and may i marry them. >> it’s pen around for a bit. they do it at a baseball stadium possibly cincinnati does it. and that’s where we caught wind of it and thought, you know, chocolate bacon was a success last year, we have to try something different this year. >> we have to top it. >> we have teamed up with krispy kreme. >> they are beautiful. >> if you want to take it to the next level add the t



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